Monday, October 6, 2008

Stupid Motorcycle~

Well, everyone, I think you all should know that how bored and tired at work. I'm working since Saturday, and even though I can't see the monitor clear.. Everything is blur at my front, dizzy and headache. *cough*

Erm.. actually I don't fell this when I'm working, I can play the Facebook games, I can reply some Friendster comment from some NetFriends, I can playing Plurk over here too, and.. read KennySia's old blog too.. It's fun too working, and I can find all of these networking online!!!

Some more I still can get myself a drink for Tea Time, get a Comic and laugh at myself, a Love Story Book and act stupid over here, or walk outside flirting with those stupid guys also *cough cough* excuse me. 

Why feeling dizzy then? 

Very Noisy and Very Annoying!!

I think he just put the speaker last 2 weeks, cause this annoying stuff is starting from before Raya. Every time he came with loud music, go with loud music too! Aiyo-Wei, isn't this trend already past few years already? I remember this thing when I was still at High School ler.. It's been 5 years I didn't schooling liao ler.. =.=|||

Aarhhghh... Dizzy~

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