Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I got a nightmare last night!!

It is really a nightmare, it's really bad feeling especially I got it at my friend's room!! 

Allow me to start from beginning of the story. My friend "Honey", ask me out for dinner together after work, it's bout 10.30pm when she get to my hostel. After we finish our supper at Pantai Dalam, she suddenly ask me to pack the personal stuff and follow her back to Ampang. Cause she need to get back for taking stuff instead of staying at my hostel. After packed, get back to her car, all the way drive to Ampang from Bangsar (driving distance is half an hour), it's almost 12.30am. 

I greet with each other and talked till quite late due to quite some times we didn't meet each other. Till 2am only I slept.

Then~ the nightmare is coming!!!

I'm walking at the old, woody corridor, to the toilet where is at behind of the building I'm at. The building is just like the old style school.

I passed the building at walk towards the toilet, saw an uncle walked out from the toilet side too, I look at him curiously,think maybe never seen that uncle at that school before? Then~ When i almost wanna walked into wash room,

 I saw a scary thing!! A lady is tied her hand at the back, and covered her eyes and mouth, just sit right further a bit from toilet!!! 

I totally not in the mood of going to toilet!! Just look at her and dunno what I should do there (pfftt... just a dream what..) until I heard that uncle coming back, I quickly turn and walked back to class. I didn't look at him at all and I can sense that he is look at me. I pretend as I didn't see anything and I didn't know anything... walked off..

I really feel so scary at that time~ I so afraid that he grad me and tied me up too... *sigh*

At here, I waked up a while, due to the hot of the room LOL~ and I found that Honey is out of bed too. Well I didn't ask her anything and I sleep back again..

Gosh the dream is continue after that!!!

I walked back to the toilet again!! AGAIN~~!???
Then I really found scandal here!! I stand at front of the toilet door, but I look at the cut off trees just right beside the toilet there, that uncle is having sex with that tied girl!! SEX?? what the hell I'm dreaming at !!??? SH*TTTTTT~!!!

Oh My Gosh!! I can feel my heart is stopped!! I look at it surprisingly and scary !! I... I really dunno what I should at that time, the uncle didn't see me cause his ass is facing me!! 



I woke up after this bloody nightmare..

Can't sleep at all already..

Really a bloody nightmare.. And I really don't like it!

It make me feel scary... WHAT IS SUPPOSE TO MEAN AT THIS DREAM~~????!?


MJ said...

haha .. cute lah ur dream .. it was at night right? room so hot until u woke up ah? haha

btw .. MJ here .. hope you don't mind if i come back often (=

wenwen said...

wow.. sound like so scary de..
hmm.. must guai guai o..
sure u noty noty then get the dream..
hmm.. but nvm.. i give u my nightmare doll.. then u no more dream lo.. hehe.. :)

PurEPruE said...

oh, hi MJ..nice to meet you!
hehe nevermind de.. just leave your comment.. =)

cute meh? =.= i feel so scary lar...
kidnap and rape wor...

ya lor hot, coz im sweating, but hot becoz of the blanket, not becoz the room hot.. =P

PurEPruE said...

hahahhahaa... Wen later i got a lot more nightmare thn die lor!!!

but if you willing to give i also no plce to put the doll lar.. im not like the other gal, like those doll de, sumore i dunno how to take care of those stuff lar.. sure will throw after a whil due to kotor, wakaka...

wen said...

aiya.. u as a gal also dunno how to take care that kind of doll ar?
dun throw.. i going wash it.. keep back.. hahahaha.. me abit like cleanner de.. hehe..

actually.. nightmare is depend to yr daily activity and yr past de... we can't do any until yr mind are totally clear all.. mean like those ppl doing 7 day monk la.. u know what i mean de..

i also got mare before.. my last mare is i getting ppl shot by gun. i know the dream try to told me what.. coz.. i own an amulet' is my grandpa give to me.. he said.. it can help me fr shot by GUN,I'm not bad ppl o...! i see before the reall story.. haiz.. so mean is want me threat my amulet as well.. that's y u will ask me y i always go the temple.. hehe.. pray pray lo...

since child i got la sum bad dream.. but not ghost la... nvr get any dream like that.. coz.. hehe.. since child, got learn chanting.. hehe.. not so scare ghost!

just got a dream feel like got ppl push on my body can't move.. feel so painful.. feel like adi wake up... but is not.. coz.. i screme out.. but still can't move... i still remembers that.. i chanting again.. haiz.. nth else for me.. last i can escape & wake up.. do pray for my pillow.. then nth..

sum ppl will said nonsense.. mengarut.. but how also is a traditional.. what old ppl said also got d correct.. then i follow.. until now.. i practis it.. so.. i feel like no matter i go any where.. i can sleep as harmony..... hehehe...

Joshua said...

Perhaps you're the lady you saw tied up. Do you feel "stuck" where you're at in life?

She was blindfolded. Do you feel like you don't know where you're at/going?

She was raped. Do you fell like you've had something taken from you...like you're not in control?

Maybe you fear becoming these things.

PurEPruE said...

omg, are you that superjoshua in plruk??

Joshua said...

Yeap, I'm the same dude. :)

PurEPruE said...

hahahhahaha... really good to see you here dude.. haha XD