Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Submarine No.6

Yesterday, I wake up early in the morning, for going to AOfA launching by Ciba Vision. 
It's a new product launching bout the contact lenses names Air Optix for Astigmatism (AOfA),will tell you more about it later on..

After the lunch gone, I went back to my home,WATCH ANIME AGAIN~~!!!

so this is the animation i watched yesterday afternoon, it's name Blue Submarine No. 6

It's talking bout the future life of melting ice, the land is getting smaller and smaller, mostly come out with the boat and under water city..

A scientist create a lots of creatures to spoil the human, decreasing the human quantity..What a scandal, killing for decrease the number of human..

But, there's got a thing need to tell you all, which is, this is a 10 years ago's anime, LOL~

Really Truly 10 years ago oh!! Cause this is one of the 1st 3D CG animation oh~!! This anime is Special edition from those anime collectors, and it really worth for you all to collect it!! 

I really love the part when the Blue Sub No.6 fighting with those creatures, it's really nice animations!!

Heck, so I have it, do you guys have it too?? ;)


小泽 (DSvT) said...

yes, I can ensure you that I watch it during my college time... I still got it poster and sticker on my 14" TV at home...

Longtime didn't hear about this name... Miss it so much~

You had recall my memories...

PurEPruE said...

haha i know this anime since i was young too, that's why i can say that this is a 10 years ago cartoon..

good to know this ;)

enjoy again haha!