Sunday, December 13, 2009

friend forever... only friend..

So long time never chat with my Senior Oon already...

just for the friendship and memory, makes me wanna chat with him again..

I used to gell in love with him before, when he became single, teeheehee... :P but then, just after quite some time, I decide to tell him the truth, which I know what's the answer, I knew it already.

I knew I will be rejected after I tell him, for sure.. because I can feel that he is in love with someone else, and it's more than just a year or 2....

I think he still in love with her? haha.. who knows? only him, I think.... not even the lady he in love with, know bout this or not ler... :P

Whatever... I'm quite happy to get to chat with him again, and he still can reply me eventually when I kacau him.. :P

Thanks to you Oon, wish we are friend forever... only friend... not more than that!!

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