Monday, December 14, 2009

An Irritating "A"

At Miri, 6 months time, no, it's 7 mnths already! It can happen lotsa lotsa lotsa thing in 7 months time, you might need to know. Not only working stuff, and also private and personal stuff.

Well, there's 7 days in a week, everyone knows that, and there's got 1 day off in a week, I work from 8 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock at night, somtimes is pm only can reach home.


8 to 10? 8am to 10 pm? Are you kidding me??

Well, you imagine, me wake up at roughly 6.30am, laid on my bed till 7am only real wake up and ready for my work, 8am MEET BOSS~!! Be around with Bosses till 10pm only can reach home. My real working time is 9.30am to 9.30pm, but I'm with all the bosses till 10 only ciao from them.. so, still can be consider work from 8 to 10.. I have to be awake, steady and smart at all the 15 hours, dome of the time, back to home still have to be careful, or else someone will continue talking bout ME. My personal and privacy is ruined..... haiz... That's why I don't even wanna touch the computer when they are in front of me...

Sorry, no picture recently, will try to get picture after this...

Here, the story of one day off.. every day off, I got to entertain a guy, who is rich, but I dunno how rich he is, I don;t even wanna know. Why I should entertain him? Cause he is my sis and my bro-in-law's good friend, all the family knows him already, lucky that my mom, my sis and me don't like him.

Why should I have to entertain him since I don't like him? Cause my sis ask me to do so. He is too good with my bro-in-law, and my bro-in-law got problems with me sis, my sis ask me to help her up, by using him!! Let's call him "A".

"A" is interesting at me since he saw me at the 1st time at my sister's home, when I sick like hell, MC and rest at home. I don't like how he look at me when I'm there, and I knew what's the meaning of how he look at me. I knew it. But I got no choice to get him a cup of tea when my bro-in-law ask me to.

He thought I'm the one who specially made the tea, but not to knowing that actually it's the ready made, just need to put in the pot and get boil with the water, then you can drink it. So, girls, there's got one tips to tell you, wanna get attract by a riches, boil some easy tea, then they might fell in love with you, or maybe only the stupid him will get into this..

Then~ starting lar the story, entertain him as entertain a boy, easily get happy when I'm just talk to him nicely, then will easy get down when I just ignore him... what a damn big boy, he is a married guy and he is 34. Imagine this kind of BIG BOY.

Sorry to say this..


He is brainless, he thought that he is a very high educated person, so he talk a lot in front of my family like he is rich and got stylish taste. But for me, he is so irritate to me.. getting irritate to me, cause he like to talk nonsence...

He thought he know everything, but everyone's mind and thnking are different, what I suppose to agree with him since I got my own set of thinking of the same topic??

And.. hah! I think he is thinking of wanna make some chance to meet me again, stupid him.. watch movie, yamchar, eating lunch or dinner.. lotsa lotsa reason, way and tricks, makes me feel bad at him only.. haiz...

What so ever, as long as I'm off, for sure he will get to know and try to do all the thing to get to see me de lar..

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