Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nightmare 2

I have no idea...

I really got no idea, why it happen to me again???


 sob~ sob~

and it really weird..How can i so scared my friend like that??

Last night, I just get slept at bout 12 am, and I realize that I'm at a hostel where I never see before, I know that there's got a guy is chasing behind me, I hiding like we are playing the hide and chase game, but in a very scary way.. He want me!!!

The hostel is having the white wall, my room is white, that's all i know.. the rest I can't spot well.. When i hide myself into my own room, I thought he won't do anything to me once I get into my room. Yet, he come to my room and keep trying to open my room! it's like, he wanna break into my room!

When the door is almost broken by him! I AWAKE!!! 

shocked!! When I awake, I look at myself, only know that it's just a dream, and I still on bed with different position from when I slept.

Look at the time, it's 2.10am by my own time (cause my time is earlier than normal malaysia time ), so I try to change another position to sleep well myself.

No~~~ it's going to another dream again~ huuu.~~  

I'm at my hometown!!!! My home at hometown!!!!
I was at dining room, just taken bath, my hair is still wet,so cover with the tower. My mom was in the bathroom at that time. I have no idea why I try to be just like I'm not at home when I knew he is coming and looking for me. 

When I found that there's got a girl come, I peep from the dining room, Oh Gosh! wasn't she my high school classmate?? I pees her to coming in and ask her no to tell the guy that I'm at home, but she ignore me!! @.@  I really got no idea why, is that because I'm really bad at school , so that she don't wanna help me???

wuuu~~ He is coming, I screamed at him not to come over, but he still come over me, I was really really scared.. When he is almost at my side,I try to step my leg out running away, I AWAKEN Again!!!

What is happening to me?? Do this kind of weird nightmare? My high school classmate appear at my weird nightmare? And, He is the guy who coming out from my dream??

I know that I a bit scared him when I know he still love me, I know I still a bit afraid and scary when I'm thinking of what he had done to me, but I never know that it will become one of my nightmare!!

I can't sleep well after this!!! and it's 5.28am at second time I woke up!!

Cna anyone tell me what's happening to me? Is it warning me that I'm going to face any trouble or I will be involved to any trouble???


ToNyTay said...

not again..hehe

wen said...

hmm.. actually, mare & dream is involved to our daily activity.
try to take off yr mind.. stop thinking of any imagination..

hmm.. did u trusted in doing 'meditation'? i had learn sum fr it.. try to do some meditation' what would u see during it... but it taking some time...

if we learn in Feng-sui.. that is many aspec that need to see at yr room, why it happened!

as long ppl said.. wash leg before sleeping la.. i just remembers 1 thing.. do chanting before sleep..
but nowaday, there is no any young ppl like to chanting...

hmm.. just be positive.. fight back yr dream... trusted yr self.. be clear of yr mind.. think that god is bright.. u will know how to slove it.... got time will story for u...

PurEPruE said...

tonytay> ya lor.. again wor.. dunno what is happening ,haiz...

PurEPruE said...

Wen> i got really no idea for that, coz i'm not really think of him at all, i dont like him!!

i think i just need to careful these few week lar..