Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Back.

Hey yo, everybody, it's really been god damn long time I didn't update my blog, and I'm so sorry that it takes so long time to update it since then..

Well, things happen a lot in this period time.

1st, my company's networking been blocked, so I have been forced to write my post thru gmail's note.

2nd, my manager don't even want me to touch the gmail as well, cause of that C2p malay staff, she always cincai clip a lot of thing which she not suppose to clip, and download the extra thing which make manager bang all the stuff.

3rd, I resigned from there, and moving back to my beloved hometown, Sibu Sarawak.

4th, I'm so sorry that I left my MrBf at KL, where he still willing to continue staying there.

5th, I;m waiting for my new job.

6th, I getting fat after I get back to my hometown, due to mom cook nice food for me everyday~ I repeat, EVERYDAY~!!!

7th, the networking at my house being cut out at the 1st day I arrive my home, the telephone line was cut accidentally, and there's up to hundred houses' phone cannot use.

Well, this is what had happen in this period time.

I just giving a short article at here, and my sis-in-law is asking me to watch movie with her, and today is mom's day,so we preparing to have a mom's cake, so... hehehe...

I ciao again...

Happy Mom's Day~!!

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