Thursday, November 13, 2008

Penang Trip Part 2

Hello my friends!! This is Part 2 for Penang Trip!!

Well, and this is the second day I'm at Penang too. Early morning after we ate the breakfast. We directly go to Kok Lek Si..

This is where I can see from my staying place at Penang, Kek Lok Si is just at there!! cant see or not you guys??

Let me ZooOoommm.... This is it, at the centre haha.. they are trying to make something to cover the big model I think..

Well, I  been there once, at Chinese New Year 2008, but due to my Friend ChanHui haven't been there, so we go again with BluePrawn. took some lovely picture again for myself , coz i Love the place..

This is where I start from!!



Downstair.. Actually cannot take photo at here ekekek....

Then, we purposely go to another part to see the huge Buddha's Statue..

This is the 1st statue they made, but stopped due to some technical thing..

so the make another a Big One..

I Love these!!!

The art on wall!

Wuii~!! tired lar uploading all of these picture!!!
Ok lar... see you next part!!

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