Sunday, November 9, 2008

Penang Trip Part 1

Hello it's really been long time didn't touch my blog!! That's because of  I went to Penang, it's at the north park of Malaysia, I'm in the Penang Island for being 7  days..

But yet, I sick from the 1st day i went to Penang LOL~

My Penang trip is 1 Nov to 7 Nov'08 , the day before i go to Penang, I'm having holiday too, suppose I can get there earlier a day, but I can't, cause I need to wait for my friend, ChanHui a day cause she need to work till 6 pm, so the only thing I can do it WAIT.

The day I wait for her, after I packed the luggage, I wait for my another friends for lunch~ so I sit at my hostel, and watch the animation and eat my lovely chocolate~ That's the new one I bought for myself~~

with alcohol, of cozzz~ ngiek ngiek..

After that, my friend treat me sushi at Yo,Sushi at MidValley MegaMall, NOT NICE the sushi, so guys, don't eat the sushi at there! Expensive and not worthy at all!!

but lucky that it's 31 Oct that day, so we go~ Baskin Robbins!!

Everyone is crazily Queuing for Ice Cream~

Chat with my friend till 6pm, after we met ChanHui then only heading to PuduRaya for bus ticketing.. WE reach Penang at 2 am in 1 Nov..

This is ChanHui..

Day 1~

Breakfast: Char Kuei Tiaw , the nicest CKT I have ever eat before! and the prawn is bigger size than the other stall~ woot!!!

Sorry to all that I didn't take the photo!!

After the breakfast, we get back home and prepare to beach at Batu Ferringhi!!

It's not the most beautiful beach in Penang, but it's the safest one, at least Uncle won't worry too much..

The crab uncle caught.

We had a lots of fun over there, and uncle was catching the fishes for us!!

This is ChanHui's, Blueprawn's and my hand ekekek...

Udang(prawn) from the sea LOL~ and beside it the fish, is the largest uncle caught,it already in my stomach Bwahaha..!!

After we had fun at Batu Ferringhi, uncle bring us to Balik Pulau, it's totally another side round of Penang Island LOL, Batu Ferringhi is at East North, and Balik Pulau is at West South, so we round the penang Island half already.. 

Lunch : Sea Food.

They are not really the nice and famous Restaurant that they talked bout, but they can cook the fish we caught for us hahaha....not bad hun..

This is 2 fishes that uncle picked out,the rest he threw cause cannot eat lar..

Dinner : Steamboat!!!

My uncle, no, must said, Blueprawn's father, i call him daddy too lol..

Daddy bring us along to Butterworth by Ferry. Then bring us to the famous steamboat

sslllrrrpp~~ nice nice..

*p/s : sorry for those wrongly alphabet and places. 


- PC - said...

wher's the steamboat?
raja uda?
looks yum yum..

PurEPruE said...

eh, not sure wor...

at b'worth there only i know, whole street a lots of good food de...

Cindy said...

yes...RAJA UDA FISH STEAMBOAT!!! ho jiak!!!'s long...hahahha

PurEPruE said...

hahaha so sorry, coz i dunno if you happy with i put your name or not mar... so beter i just put your nickname at plurk lor...

oppsss *hide*